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Psoriasis after surgery, Clinical Trials Register

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Nagy, Katalin Prosthetic rehabilitation following tumor surgery and its effect on quality of life Prof. Nagy, Katalin Changes of the oral bacterial flora as a side effects of oral cancer therapy chemo- radio Prof. Nagy, Katalin Innervation of capsaicin-sensitive peptiderg neurons in pulp Prof.

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Psoriasis after surgery, Gábor Influence of periodontal disease on internal medical diseases Prof. Forster, Tamás Correlation study between psoriasis and periodontal disease Prof.

Eczema vs. Psoriasis- What Your Skin May Be Telling You About Your Health

Kemény, Lajos Interdisciplinaly aspects of dental diseases. Oral features of disease states with background from genetics, obstetrics, internal medicine and other clinical sciences.

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Oral manifestations of systemic diseases Prof. Nagy, Katalin Develpopement of indicators for quality assurance in dental care Prof. Pinke, Ildikó Oral health in hemodialysis Prof.

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Pinke, Ildikó Epidemiology of stomato-oncologic diseases, immunological aspects of thermal surgery comparison with other modalities Prof. Sonkodi, István Immunhistochemical and moleculargenitical examination of the precancerous lesions Prof.

Sonkodi, István Role of women in Dentistry Prof. Nagy, Katalin Comparison of different extra-oral implant-systems literature review Prof. Nagy, Katalin.

Sometimes they can become infected.