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Medical treatment for psoriasis, The Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Pocket Guide

I'll be sharing with you my experience with the treatment of Psoriasis.

I will give you the name of the herbs that you can find on internet use them a pikkelysömör kezelésének új módja surely they will help you so what is Psoriasis. It is the immune reaction of our body against our skin and on the skin of the head.

What I have noticed that the start of this problem, it is always with a severe stress means a person had a very hard time in his life or there was some sudden death or some sudden shock in his life.

What happened is the immune system was not able to recover from this shock and it started functioning not in a right way and started giving the reaction to our skin. This is what I have seen that when I take the consultation, I ask to a person and there's always.

Some very emotional time or emotional stress when the problem starts.

Naftalan, Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation

How to control the stress or how to deal with the stress you do the part. The Medicine part. Let me share with you.

medical treatment for psoriasis

First thing is vitamin D vitamin D. Three check your levels today and if they are low in the tablets powered any form and the good doses. So talk to your doctor and haven't checked and then take it in a good dose. This is my first recommendation. The second is the herb name. Baku Baku is a name just search it on internet. You'll find it in many of the internet shops just buy it and eat one teaspoon two times in a day empty stomach.

The Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Pocket Guide

You can mix it in the water or you can drink it with the water the third. Recommendation is this is also an herb you can find these herbs in the powder form and in the tablet form go with the powder form one teaspoon two times in a day again.

medical treatment for psoriasis

Third recommendation is Maha maje or masta. Yes, I know it's hard to spell, but these are the Sanskrit names. The old ancient Sanskrit names medical treatment for psoriasis mixture of lots of herbs. It is very good for skin problems.

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Form use it in the tablet form because it's very hard to find in the powder form. This masta the tablet form.

medical treatment for psoriasis

It is two tablets, two times in a day also empty stomach. The third one is powder name again. It's a hard name. Two times in a day 30 minutes after four all the herbs that I'm saying they all should be eaten with warm water.

The last one is it's tablets two tablets two times in a day 30 minutes after food well. Warm water. This is an complex I understand that yes the Five six I think. But these are effected.

Therapy for psoriasis

This are herbal. The will help your having good digestion.

medical treatment for psoriasis

The will help you detoxy fine your body. Just read about them your find that how good? This medicines work this plans they work.

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So use them see the reasons and why to suffer is you have that treatment plus don't forget To just remove all the bad habits if you are smoking a lot if you are drinking a lot and you want these herbs to help it's not going to happen. You have to do exercises you have to take vitamin D. You have to eat clean what diet plan to follow medical treatment for psoriasis diet.

I'll put the link down below. What is this diet the in Ayurveda the holistic medical sciences. It is said that thesis it's a problem of the Cbd means the mucus you can see in the body.

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So this is a diet that you will remove all the product that have the mucus. In them means, for example, potato rice these kinds of stuff bananas red meat. These things you'll be removing all of the stuff you'll be eating just have a look in the description box and you'll find the list of the product that you should eat and what you should avoid.

So these are the name of the herbs that I have given you reason I have given you try them.

Psoriasis vulgaris gyógymód

I'll be waiting for you to write the comments after a month. Course of this treatment is two and a half to 3 months. Do it let me know in the comments down below I'll be waiting and I want to help as much as I can. That's why I'm giving the recommendations over here.

You are beautiful. You will be more beautiful.

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Stay happy. Stay healthy.